Saturday, 20 April 2013



Friday, 19 April 2013

VERY PROUD official owner of a Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel

I'll admit it... I screamed... Quite a lot!!! It isn't even my birthday yet and I already have something that I have been longing for for years!!!! And it's finally mine!! My Uncle got it for me because Smidge told him that I reeaaaally wanted one!! And I did and I am so happy!!!
In the pictures I am wearing my Levi's jacket, my owww! t-shirt from Topshop(I met Tyger Drewe-Honey in that t-shirt), Topshop jeans and Topshop socks which I also got for my birthday!! They're frilly but you can't see that very well on the photo's!!!!
WOW!! I still can't get over I have a Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel!! She's called Suzie!!! 
It's almost my birthday and I might explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 18 April 2013


For starters, here is my blog research pile!! How beautifully neat is it?? I just love taking ideas from magazines!! They just have ssssooo much inspiration!!!!!!!! They also help me to create this pile of paper which I think is really beautiful in it's own way!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is my phone case!!!!!!! I've actually had it for ages and underneath it is just a plain hot pink but I was beginning to find it a little bit boring!! So, using clear nail polish and PVA glue I managed to make what I believe to be is a rather lovely case!!! It's got all sorts on it, a Vans sticker, a charity sticker from school, a chewing gum wrapper and loads of magazine cuttings including one with my star sign and birthday on!!! It's on Saturday by the way and I am SO excited!!!! I am like the birthday Queen!! Birthdays are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Fashion Dilemma

 "So I'm going to a christening and a fancy birthday party! I want an outfit (preferably a dress or a skirt and top combination) which I can wear on both occasions. Don't really want to spent more than £100 but if it's wearable and what I've already got I will spend more!"
OK!! So I asked a bunch of friends if they had any fashion dilemmas I could help solve and this was the first reply!!!!
SO!! Two trend immediately sprung to mind for these two family friendly but obviously still fashion friendly events!! I would go for monochrome minimal or bright florals!!!!
Monochrome minimal first,

Dress with pintucks

Alright, so this outfit is £89 in total!!! The dress is from Cos for £59!! I think it is great because you have loads of options with it and it is very structured and wearable whilst being still very pretty!! The jacket is from River Island and is £30!! I just think it's the kind of item you cannot possibly go wrong with and would add a lot to the dress!! The oversized style is also very flattering and is lovely to just wear all the time!!!!!!!!! When it comes to shoes, a court shoe would look good, in a block colour!! You can either stick to the monochrome and go for black or white shoes or wear super colourful bright shoes!!!

Image 1 of Only Floral Print Chambray Shirt

Yellow Floral Pleat Calf Skirt

This next look is more pretty pretty and is very girly!! In total The outfit is £105 but it includes shoes a skirt and a shirt so I think it's pretty good value!! The blue top is from asos and is £25!! Blue florals are seriously having a moment and I think this is a great example which goes extremely well with these lovely pink studded brogues from Kurt Geiger which are actually on sale for £39!! They are a lovely candy colour and the studs give them a rock edge!! And finally, last but not least,the beautiful lemon skirt from Topshop which is just marvelous!!! I mean yes, £48 but it's so pretty right!!!

Oh and anybody have a fashion dilemma or want a follower on gfc?? Leave a comment!!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

My Favourite Perfume

Perfumes!! It all depends on taste doesn't it??? I love anything fruity so if that's your type of thing then I would recommend you have a little whiff of this stuff!!!!!! There's three different "flavours" in the range type thing (can you tell I am not a perfume person) and they are all lovely!! Golden Delicious is my favourite one!!!!!!! So what's with the funky artwork?? Well, for a limited time only, DKNY have released the same beautiful perfumes with lovely designs on based on the designs by Keith Haring!! My bottle has nearly run out so I am dying to get hold of some more!! And some with the artwork too!! I'll die of happiness!!!!!!!!!! Get out and get buying!! £36 for 50 ml!! A good spend in my mind!

Killer heels- like mash potato and gravy

I apologize for all the strange foodie references but I think that some of them are quite correct!! So how are killer heels like mash and gravy?? It's simple really!! I love the idea of having at least one pair of shoes in my wardrobe that should be classed as killer!!!!!!!!!!
poisonberry, pink by Kurt Geiger LondonFrom: Kurt Geiger
Price: (reduced to) £99
Killer because: They are a loovely bright eye catching colour and are a decent height too without looking tarty!! 4.5 inches if you were wondering( also known as 11cms!) 

From: Office
Killer because: They are for one huuuge!! They are really practical at the same time though and great for dancing in and stuff because they have a wedge! The black is also wearable with lots of different colours!!! 5.5 inches for you stats fans!!! 14cms!!!

From: Miss Selfridge
Price: £65
Killer because: Do I even have to say? I mean look at them!! Completely stunning!!! Possibly my favourite?? I dunno!! same hieght as the ones above!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So where's your killer heel from?? Are you lucky enough to own a pair of Louboutins?? Jealous if you are!!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Floral Hairbands- just like beans on toast

Hairbands.... Hate the things!! I really do!! But... Something I hate given a cool twist therefore turning it into something I like?? A bit like beans on toast, I like beans but don't like the idea of burning innocent bread for no reason- but with beans!? A different story!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo I think the same with floral hairbands!!
Image of Whole Lotta Rosie Headband - IcecreamLike this lovely piece of headwear from Crown and Glory for £20!! It's so pretty but like almost rock chick at the same timmmmee!!

Ring of Roses Headwrap
And finally... For somebody more understated go for this from Claires for £10.50!!! Very pretty tribal looking!!!!