Thursday, 9 May 2013

Finally... The rest of the photos from my party!!

Yeah.. I know!! My birthday was an absolute age ago!! You remember this post?? If you don't have a look!!! As always if you don't like any of these just ask and I'll take them down!! I've also been sent all the photos individually so I will send them to you as well if you ask!! Hope you like them!! Feel free to put them on Facebook or whatever but please do me a favor and say where you got them from!!!!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

So now I'm tyred...

First of all I must apologize to anybody who is using Google Translate on this post because straight away you will have no idea about what I am talking about! Pretty much, it's a play on words!! So Tyre because Tyre in English sounds the same as tired!! I am tired, I was playing on Tyres and I ate 9, I repeat, 9 muffins. Oh, and I did double denim!! Does it look ok?? I don't normally even like denim!!
I'm wearing:
jacket- levi's
t-shirt- brat and suzie
jeans- topshop (were once black but washed out blue, quality right?)
socks- topshop
high tops- vans

collar- accesorize
sunglasses- meant to be d+g but bought them on my hols so not sure!

Elsy's wearing:
t-shirt- h&m
skirt- urban outfitters
sunglasses- fat face
cardigan- h&m

Friday, 3 May 2013

Jesus Sandals!!!

These are my new shoes which I am wearing for school!! I don't like calling them school shoes because I think that once I do that then I won't want to wear them for anything else which I think is a shame really... SO, I'm calling them my Jesus Sandals!! I just think they are just so cute and quirky and FUN-tastic! Here are some other Jesus Sandals that I love!!
vex, black by KG Kurt Geiger

I'm not sure how Jesus sandal-y these look but I think they are a nice different twist on all the others I was looking at though!! Not cheap at £150 though! Kurt Geiger, so am I really surprised?? No but they're nice!!

I also love this more summery option from Office!! I think they are lovely and wearable and would look great with a matching tan on holiday... Ahhh holiday!! Anyway, they're way cheaper at £50!!!

And finally, last but certainly not least, these little gems from New Look for £34.99!! They are just a great modern twist on the classic (I hate this term) "geek-chic" look!! (Now I am cringing at myself)! Which are your favourites??