Saturday, 23 March 2013


Girls' glitter large overnighterStart with an expensive but glitzy number from J Crew!!!!!!!! Perfect for sleepovers and short weekend breaks!! Got to admit it..... Hooked on anything glittery!! Sadly it won't be mine any time soon for £111.58
Sunflower Suitcase - bags

This one(right) is still expensive but is a  lot more practical but still lovely and quirky and eye-catching!!!!!!! Its from which has load of lovely stuff on! This is £99 but it isn't all this expensive!!
Vintage Style Floral Suitcase

There's this vintage style floral suitcase also! This is a more girly look and is only £39!! Its super practical and fashionable, without a giant price tag!

Lavender Purple Duffel BagThis duffel bag from Zatchel is £145, so yes, it's a lot but I reckon it's pretty practical if you are going to get some use out of it!! Have a look at Zatchel's website because there's loads of different colour varieties!! (shown here in lavender!!)
The North Face Base Camp Duffle Bag

I have a strange love for this bag from the North Face!! It's on and I reeeeeeaaaallllly like it!!! It's just so lovely and quirky!! But not cheap at £90

This is just such a cool bag by JW Anderson from Topshop!!! I love this range so much and this bag is no exception!!! It's so practical and the price tag isn't so big at £30!!


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