Tuesday, 30 April 2013

£100 Ted Baker

This whole designers on a budget thing seems to have become rather popular with my friends!! I had a request for something for £100 from Ted Baker... No, more specific than that, a summery dress from Ted Baker!! There was a few (but not loads) out there and I went for this kimono style floral number as my choice which has been reduced from £129 to just £90 in House of Fraser!! A great buy me thinks!! I hope these are giving you all inspiration!! Leave a comment if you want to own something designer on a budget my Cupcakes!!!!!!

Monday, 29 April 2013

£100 Alexander McQueen

Dunno about the rest of you bargain hunters but I found that finding anything McQueen at this price was difficult... But I did it! And I think I did rather well! At exactly £100 this real McQueen t-shirt is stylish and wearable day and night as well as being edgy at the same time!!! Took a lot of searching but think I did rather well!!! It's from www.my-wardrobe.com and I think it is brilliant!!! Anybody else want a designer piece on a budget? Comment below!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jack Wills £50

Hello there Cupcakes!! Some of you who have read my blog for a while might have seen my post on designers?? I said that if you gave me a budget within reason I would try my hardest to find the best item/items from that designer within your budget!! 
I've just had a request for something from Jack Wills for £50 and although I wouldn't class Jack Wills strictly as a designer there was absolutely loads for me to choose from!!!!
So with lots of website checking I decided that the best way to spend £50 in Jack Wills was to buy some jeans!! They all appear to be £49.50 or £59.50 so the right kind of price range!!! I love the bright colours and the fit looks really nice!! Any of these below would be a good buy in my eyes!! 
But which is your favourite??
And would anybody like to own their own piece of designer clothing?? Just leave the name of your favourite designer and a reasonable budget below!! I love a challenge!


Thursday, 25 April 2013

My new buttons!!!

I apologise because this looks very wordy but it is important that you read this wonderfully long message!!!
I have two new buttons on the right hand side of my blog!! If you only ever read my blog on your phone a lot of this will make very little sense to you!!!!!!
Have a look at the web version and you will understand!!! 
ANYONE can do my poll if they are on my blog!!! If you are reading this you might as well do it because you don't need to have any accounts in anything or enter any personal details!!! I have no idea about who you are or anything!!! It just helps me make my blog better!!! It won't be up for too long though so don't waste time!!
Sharing button
Have you ever been the person who has been told by a bunch of friends about something and always feels like the last to know about stuff?? That's normally me.. Haha!!
So, now you can change all that!! By being the first person out of all of your friends to read my blog, you can have that powerful feeling of being the person that discovers my blog and tells everyone about it!!! Just click the button and put my link on Facebook and put #framecake on your next few tweets on Twitter!!!!
Basically, just click all the buttons you can and tell all the people you can and I will be very grateful!!
Thank youuu!!!!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Neon Accessories

All things bright and beautiful!! What a brilliant quote from a hymn I have just there!! Some people say it looks cheap.... Do it right though and I think it looks more chic that cheap!!! Rather marvelous I think.... So here's my top 5 neon accessories!!

5. This laser cut clutch bag from New Look is a steal for £9.99!! I love how practical it is, how it doesn't break the bank and the fact that the laser cut edge makes it a simple way to give a practical piece a high fashion edge.
Yellow (Yellow) Neon Yellow Cut Out Clutch | 276099485 | New Look

4. These pretty but rock chick hair clips are in Topshop for just £2.50!! They instantly jazz up and add an edge to any outfit and I think they are rather wonderful, especially considering that they are on sale!! 

Neon Plastic Bow Clips

3. Live like you are at a festival ever day with beautiful neon bracelets like this one from Urban Outfitters!! I love the colour!!! Sooo summery isn't it???? It's £8.00 too!!

2. I absolutely love these House of Holland long socks!! They are bright and eye-catching and I really love them!! Especially when they are on sale for £5.50!!!! They are exclusive to asos.com

Image 1 of House Of Holland For Pretty Polly Exclusive To Asos Green Stripe Socks

1. Not so surprisingly, my favourite neon accessory would have to be a neon satchel!!!! You can get them for all sorts of prices and sizes and I think they are just the best!! I would recommend you go for a Cambridge Satchel Company or a Zatchel satchel if you really want to treat yourself!!
The happy day when I found Suzie, my Cambridge
Satchel Company Satchel!!!!

Do any fellow satchel owner read my blog?? Where is your satchel from??

Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Horror Birthday Party!! Photos #1

This is what I did yesterday!! Rather exciting right!!! I think there's zillions of photos knocking around so there will probably be a Photos#2 and perhaps 3!! If there are any of you that you don't like just let me know!!!  Send me some if you've got some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!