Sunday, 24 March 2013


"My key pieces are my leather jacket and my vans! This is because they go with everything! Leathers are great ways to add an edgy statement to an outfit! And vans! They're amazing!! I would be lost without mine because they're  so comfy! And I just love them! Hahah!"
p.s Lois is Queen of the Ducks
p.p.s Look in the background for evidence of the p.s


Have you ever looked inn the magazines and dreamed of owning something designer from a certain brand?? It's as simple as this, if you comment on this post with your favourite designer and your budget(but be reasonable, £5 for McQueen just won't happen) and I will find something for you!!

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Girls' glitter large overnighterStart with an expensive but glitzy number from J Crew!!!!!!!! Perfect for sleepovers and short weekend breaks!! Got to admit it..... Hooked on anything glittery!! Sadly it won't be mine any time soon for £111.58
Sunflower Suitcase - bags

This one(right) is still expensive but is a  lot more practical but still lovely and quirky and eye-catching!!!!!!! Its from which has load of lovely stuff on! This is £99 but it isn't all this expensive!!
Vintage Style Floral Suitcase

There's this vintage style floral suitcase also! This is a more girly look and is only £39!! Its super practical and fashionable, without a giant price tag!

Lavender Purple Duffel BagThis duffel bag from Zatchel is £145, so yes, it's a lot but I reckon it's pretty practical if you are going to get some use out of it!! Have a look at Zatchel's website because there's loads of different colour varieties!! (shown here in lavender!!)
The North Face Base Camp Duffle Bag

I have a strange love for this bag from the North Face!! It's on and I reeeeeeaaaallllly like it!!! It's just so lovely and quirky!! But not cheap at £90

This is just such a cool bag by JW Anderson from Topshop!!! I love this range so much and this bag is no exception!!! It's so practical and the price tag isn't so big at £30!!

Friday, 22 March 2013


"These are definitely my favourite shoes! I only got them a week ago and they could probably do with a bit of scruffing up(to pristine for my liking at the moment) but Converse are so comfy and can be worn with anything anywhere! You can buy them anywhere like Schuh, Scorpio, Office and Bank!! They have a great range of colours and are generally brilliant!!!!! I'm wearing them here with my Topshop jeans!!"


"I love this outfit because it's simple and stylish. The jumper is from New Look, the jeans are Firetrap (TK Maxx) and the shoes are Dc Martins"


Kelsey (who didn't give permission to call her Kel) chose these gloves as her favourite piece of clothing. I asked her to write down why she liked them and she just wrote, "Unique". That's Kel(sey) for you!! She actually gave me permission to call her my creepy goth friend because that is often what I describe her as to her face!


"This is my favourite outfit ever!! It is very comfy and makes me feel stylish which is a MUST for any outfit. The jumper is from Hollister, the jeans are from Topshop and the shoes are from Clarks."

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Makeup is actually a trend I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super-minimal makeup!!!!!!! This means no more silly clown faces with everything drawn on because you are going to try and just look like you, but on a reeeeeeaaaally good day!!!!!!!!!!! It looks really really nice!!!
So I would recommend that you try to go for a foundation and concealer which is as close as possible to your actual skin tone! I'm a MAC girl myself but I have been told that Bobbi Brown and Clinique are very good(I do actually have a Clinique lipstick and I love it!!) If you aren't looking to spend that much though I would say that most of the mainstream makeup is good but I wouldn't go for any makeup for somewhere that isn't a makeup brand though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Topshop socks are 3 for £8!! Here's the three I'd go for!!!!!!! I love the character ones because they are just so adorable!!! The always make me smile without fail!! And even the "normal" socks are always loooovely and never fail to cheer me up!!

I actually have a sock story that I'm going to inflict on you because I personally love clothes stories and owning clothes with stories attached to them!! So, I went out to buy some socks for a costume I  was putting together to go to see this premiere thingy for Les Mis.... I went into BHS and bought some massively thick black and white woven socks that weren't hugely expensive!! I called them my poverty socks and after that night I realised I had actually fallen in love with these socks!! So now I wear them ALL the time and my poverty socks are a key piece of my wardrobe!!!!!!!

Monday, 18 March 2013


For hair have a look on !!! It's got loads of specialized hair products on there and although I'm not one for straightening, curling and spraying!! I reckon doing too much to your hair does more harm than good!! If I was going to put something on my hair I would get myself some Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray!! Warning though: dead expensive!! Have a look anyway!!Surf Spray is £20.50!! Whatever you want out of your hair definitely check Bumble and Bumble!

surf spray

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Navy skirt

Simple and inexpensive!! Try this skater skirt from Topshop for £16!
Navy jersey belted maxi skirt
Image 1 of ASOS Skater Skirt in Swallow Print If you are after something longer that will stand out more how about this  maxi skirt from River Island?? Wear it if you're tall or with wedges!! For something with a pattern go to and get this slightly  floatier skater skirt with a swallow pattern!!

Staying floaty how about this skirt from Jack Wills?? It's also been reduced to £39!!!

Velvet Embossed Skater SkirtOr you could go for one from Miss Selfridge!! This pleated one is very pretty and wearable...£35!! Or you could go for this velvet floral number also from Miss Selfridge but a tad cheaper at £34!!
I hope that helps!!

Navy Plisse Mini Skirt


Milly Unisex Heavily Embellished Snapback CapI've had a request for hats.... I'm not doing woolly hats though because I'm trying to be seasonal and even though it's not warm, ENJOY!!
Black Felt Floppy HatThis is a big blingy cap from boohoo. com!! If you want to be noticed go for hats like this!!! £16
If your look is a bit more classic or you want something more beachy then have a look at hats like the fedora from Topshop for £22!!
For a super classic look try Miss Selfridge!! This black  felt hat is SO smart!! But sadly not cheap at £28!! 
If you're aiming for a more military style look, a little bit Cheryl Cole then go out and get yourself a peak hat like this one for £16 at Accessorize!!
To simply be the effortless cool kid in the cool cap then snap up this cap from Hollister for £16!! Is £16 the price for hats at the moment?!
Girls Vintage Trucker Cap


I googled strawberries then set strawberries as a background for my blog!! What is the opinion on my strawberries??

Saturday, 16 March 2013


I'VE GOT 1000 VIEWS!!! AS A "CONGRATULATIONS" PRESENT MY EVER-GENEROUS SISTER GAVE ME A paperclip! So, although it might not be as good a present as a paperclip I hope you enjoy my thank you to you, my regular readers, who made my 1000 views possible!! Your thank you is...... PARTY DRESSES!!!

 Start with this (albeit expensive) lovely dress from Lipsy!! It's just so PRETTY!! I love it!! I'd probably spill spaghetti bolognaise on it though if I owned it!!!


TWO-TONE COMBINED DRESSStill staying with the totally-not-affordable theme here is a Limited Edition flapper-style dress from Topshop for £160!! Or how about this Alicia Dress by Jones and Jones for Topshop?? This one's in lemon but you can also get it in a baby blue colour which I know will suit some of you more!!! It's £60!!
Cream (Cream) Parisian Cream Sweetheart Lace Sleeveless Dress  | 281335913 | New Look If your look is more minimal, Jil Sander kind of look then try Zara!! Minimal dresses with lovely cuts like this one for £49.99!!
Black leather look fringed sleeveless dress
For a pretty dress without a giant price tag try this one from New Look!! You can look like a fresh spring flower for £27.99!!
For something out there try River Island who has this fringed dress for £70!! I'd try it on first if I were you though!
If you're after something longer (maybe for prom or if you are a bridesmaid) then try this for £55 from Miss Selfridge!! It's easy and elegant, perfect for any very dressy occasion!
For print without the price-tag go for this dress from Warehouse for just £25!! A total bargain!!!!!
If you are after floral with a difference look no further than this dark floral dress from Urban Outfitters for £85, pricey? yes. Worth it? ohhh yes!!

So, I know this is all meant to be high street stuff but oooh... Valentino dresses have to be the best! I'm not even going to start with the prices but still... WOW!!
1000 views have been and gone! But what did you like?? What was your favourite?? LIke it and share it if you like it!!! Here's to the next 1000!!!


nicki minaj elle magazineIt's no secret that I am NOT a Nicki Minaj fan but I am quite liking this natural look that she is sporting for this shoot in ELLE magazine which is published later this month! I'd say away with the crazy Barbie look and go natural!! What do you think?????? Do you prefer her on the right or the left??

Friday, 15 March 2013


 This is it!! This person whoever (they may be) understands!!! Don't ask for the "latest trend" because that's forgettable, style, on the other hand is utterly memorable. Be momorable!!