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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst

Alexander McQueen, Magisterium Skull Scarf
Alexander McQueen, Heaven Butterfly Grid Scarf
Alexander McQueen, Tityus Big Skull Scarf
Shocking revelation... I am not normally a huge fan of scarves!! But, I thought that this collection of scarves were so unbelievable that even I loved them!! Damien Hirst's designs with Alexander McQueen are absolutely breathtaking! To look at more and watch the stunning video:

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

3 Models

Everyone knows the obvious girls I could have chosen, Cara, Jourdan and Kate. But why would I?? Here is your chance to hear a little more about some amazing girls.
instagram @framecakeofficial

Daria Werbowy
Daria is the 29 year old Ukrainian-Canadian "it" girl. She was  born in Poland and is also an avid sailor who still loves the outdoors. She is said to never have seriously considered modelling before she won a national modelling contest!!
She currently holds the record for the most catwalk seasons opened and closed in one season which is also pretty amazing. Even now she has mixed feelings about what she does and still makes time to spend outside with nature.
instagram @dotwillow

Chloe Norgaard
Featured in Miss Vogue Chloe's dad is Danish and her mum is from Poland. Her beautiful rainbow mane (which is often compared to My Little Pony) is done by her own hands to create amazing effects. Her quirky look and beautiful features have landed her campaigns with with the likes of Benetton and Mochino Cheap and chic. Definitely one to look out for.
instagram @chloenorgaard
Cara Delevignes New Saint Laurent Campaign Plus, Chloe Norgaard Shows Her Style To Vogue photo 7
Stella Maxwell
Featured in Elle, Vogue and with a campaign for Alexander Mcqueen this season Stella's career is definitely on the rise! Her beautiful hair which I love and her gorgeous eyes make her really stand out from the crowd. Her work has a huge range, even including H&M!
instagram @stellamaxwell

Monday, 29 April 2013

£100 Alexander McQueen

Dunno about the rest of you bargain hunters but I found that finding anything McQueen at this price was difficult... But I did it! And I think I did rather well! At exactly £100 this real McQueen t-shirt is stylish and wearable day and night as well as being edgy at the same time!!! Took a lot of searching but think I did rather well!!! It's from and I think it is brilliant!!! Anybody else want a designer piece on a budget? Comment below!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Have you ever looked inn the magazines and dreamed of owning something designer from a certain brand?? It's as simple as this, if you comment on this post with your favourite designer and your budget(but be reasonable, £5 for McQueen just won't happen) and I will find something for you!!