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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst

Alexander McQueen, Magisterium Skull Scarf
Alexander McQueen, Heaven Butterfly Grid Scarf
Alexander McQueen, Tityus Big Skull Scarf
Shocking revelation... I am not normally a huge fan of scarves!! But, I thought that this collection of scarves were so unbelievable that even I loved them!! Damien Hirst's designs with Alexander McQueen are absolutely breathtaking! To look at more and watch the stunning video:

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Neon Accessories

All things bright and beautiful!! What a brilliant quote from a hymn I have just there!! Some people say it looks cheap.... Do it right though and I think it looks more chic that cheap!!! Rather marvelous I think.... So here's my top 5 neon accessories!!

5. This laser cut clutch bag from New Look is a steal for £9.99!! I love how practical it is, how it doesn't break the bank and the fact that the laser cut edge makes it a simple way to give a practical piece a high fashion edge.
Yellow (Yellow) Neon Yellow Cut Out Clutch | 276099485 | New Look

4. These pretty but rock chick hair clips are in Topshop for just £2.50!! They instantly jazz up and add an edge to any outfit and I think they are rather wonderful, especially considering that they are on sale!! 

Neon Plastic Bow Clips

3. Live like you are at a festival ever day with beautiful neon bracelets like this one from Urban Outfitters!! I love the colour!!! Sooo summery isn't it???? It's £8.00 too!!

2. I absolutely love these House of Holland long socks!! They are bright and eye-catching and I really love them!! Especially when they are on sale for £5.50!!!! They are exclusive to

Image 1 of House Of Holland For Pretty Polly Exclusive To Asos Green Stripe Socks

1. Not so surprisingly, my favourite neon accessory would have to be a neon satchel!!!! You can get them for all sorts of prices and sizes and I think they are just the best!! I would recommend you go for a Cambridge Satchel Company or a Zatchel satchel if you really want to treat yourself!!
The happy day when I found Suzie, my Cambridge
Satchel Company Satchel!!!!

Do any fellow satchel owner read my blog?? Where is your satchel from??

Friday, 19 April 2013

VERY PROUD official owner of a Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel

I'll admit it... I screamed... Quite a lot!!! It isn't even my birthday yet and I already have something that I have been longing for for years!!!! And it's finally mine!! My Uncle got it for me because Smidge told him that I reeaaaally wanted one!! And I did and I am so happy!!!
In the pictures I am wearing my Levi's jacket, my owww! t-shirt from Topshop(I met Tyger Drewe-Honey in that t-shirt), Topshop jeans and Topshop socks which I also got for my birthday!! They're frilly but you can't see that very well on the photo's!!!!
WOW!! I still can't get over I have a Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel!! She's called Suzie!!! 
It's almost my birthday and I might explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Floral Hairbands- just like beans on toast

Hairbands.... Hate the things!! I really do!! But... Something I hate given a cool twist therefore turning it into something I like?? A bit like beans on toast, I like beans but don't like the idea of burning innocent bread for no reason- but with beans!? A different story!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo I think the same with floral hairbands!!
Image of Whole Lotta Rosie Headband - IcecreamLike this lovely piece of headwear from Crown and Glory for £20!! It's so pretty but like almost rock chick at the same timmmmee!!

Ring of Roses Headwrap
And finally... For somebody more understated go for this from Claires for £10.50!!! Very pretty tribal looking!!!!