Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Topshop socks are 3 for £8!! Here's the three I'd go for!!!!!!! I love the character ones because they are just so adorable!!! The always make me smile without fail!! And even the "normal" socks are always loooovely and never fail to cheer me up!!

I actually have a sock story that I'm going to inflict on you because I personally love clothes stories and owning clothes with stories attached to them!! So, I went out to buy some socks for a costume I  was putting together to go to see this premiere thingy for Les Mis.... I went into BHS and bought some massively thick black and white woven socks that weren't hugely expensive!! I called them my poverty socks and after that night I realised I had actually fallen in love with these socks!! So now I wear them ALL the time and my poverty socks are a key piece of my wardrobe!!!!!!!


  1. I was in Durham refit topshop and saw pair of pink socks with mouse chasing falling cheese on!!! Fave pair of socks ever!!!!

  2. You are right about the character socks they are so cute and always make you smile! Love the blog by the way!!!

  3. Thank you!!! If you really like it please tell all of your friends and nominate me for Company Style blogger please!!


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