Saturday, 4 May 2013

So now I'm tyred...

First of all I must apologize to anybody who is using Google Translate on this post because straight away you will have no idea about what I am talking about! Pretty much, it's a play on words!! So Tyre because Tyre in English sounds the same as tired!! I am tired, I was playing on Tyres and I ate 9, I repeat, 9 muffins. Oh, and I did double denim!! Does it look ok?? I don't normally even like denim!!
I'm wearing:
jacket- levi's
t-shirt- brat and suzie
jeans- topshop (were once black but washed out blue, quality right?)
socks- topshop
high tops- vans

collar- accesorize
sunglasses- meant to be d+g but bought them on my hols so not sure!

Elsy's wearing:
t-shirt- h&m
skirt- urban outfitters
sunglasses- fat face
cardigan- h&m


  1. Your blog is currently being advertised on my blog ;)

  2. they're two different shades of denim so I think you can get away with it! P.S you look very cool standing on tyres ;)

  3. you look great,lovely
    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin?
    kisses from Kenya

  4. Hi dear,we now follow you. Check out our new post. Kisses

  5. So lovely, shall we follow let me know XSE

  6. Nice pics, I like your denim jacket!:) Thanks for your comment, sure we can follow each other, just followed you now on GFC:) Please let me know!:) Kisses! xo

  7. lovely blog
    Following you :)
    Hope you can follow me back
    Recent post:
    ♥ Dressing up has no age limits ♥

  8. Hi dear! I like so much polka dots :) thanks for your comment in my blog :) of course we follow each other I start hope you follow me back!!

  9. thanks for visiting my blog (:
    i'd definitely would love to take you up on the offer to follow each other (:
    let me know (: xo

    shannon marie


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