Friday, 31 May 2013

Why do people do the funny star feet thing??

People do love these photos mind don't they?? There's something brilliant about them!! For me, I like them because you can see everyone's different styles and personalities in one photo!
This was taken on Monday when I had a few over for camping!! My leg is the bare one with the muddy Vans and bright blue socks!!! This early on I would probably not have guessed that I would only manage to squeeze in 1/2 an hour's proper sleep that night!! It was amazing though!!!
Earlier on this week I also achieved what, to me was a major milestone;5000 views!!I know some of you who read this probably get more than that it a day but to me it was really quite a big thing and I'm so happy!!!
Another thing... Keep nominating me for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in the category of Best New Fashion Blog and keep entering my giveaway!!!! 
Last but not least, the gorgeous artwork!! Not surprisingly I had nothing to do with drawing it!! Beautiful though isn't it? One of my very talented friends drew it and I am very in debt for such a favor!! Big thank you!!! 


  1. Thanks for dropping by, and leaving a comment on my blog!
    I've never understood the 'star' thing, but me and my friends always seem to do it ;)


    Grace X

    I'd love it if we could follow each other:

  2. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a Ray-Ban giveaway & an All Saints giveaway if you'd like to check them out! xx

  3. I like that kind of pics too! And congrats on your pageviews!:) xo


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