Saturday, 8 June 2013

framecake has had a makeover

Very wordy post alert...

Why did I change what was already there?? I really don't know! I guess this blog is just evolving with me and my style!! I think that is the thing about new young bloggers like myself, I don't quite know exactly what my style is! I am constantly changing my dress sense and I think that works well for me!! I am constantly trying to keep this interesting for viewers who keep checking framecake and for new viewers!!

Whilst my blog is still getting a makeover I am going through all my old posts and smiling( OK, not that old, only being doing this since the beginning of March)... Have a look through too if you're interested! Click any random post on the side to see what happens...

The question is though... What would you like to happen next?? Anyone who views this can comment!! Recently allowed anonymous commenting!! Maybe you could be the first??

The giveaway is still going on too! CLICK HERE

Sorry.. Felt the need to say all of that!!!
The Framecake

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