Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A challenge for my cupcakes... (And any randomer who stumbles on this)

A bucket list is (for any of you who didn't know) a list of things you want to do or achieve before you.. Errr.. Die. 
So my challenge to you is to make a three point long bucket list using only three points (although the word "and" can be used for anyone indecisive)!!
Your list can be deep and meaningful, relevant, pointless or even funny!! If you want to just make it really personal or anything just comment anonymously!! 
My three are...
1. Find my dream job and do it!!
2. Go to the maldives because I have always want to go and want to go before it disappears!!

3. Go to Glastonbury (and some other festivals...) because I love concerts and festivals like Glastonbury seem right up my street!!

So what are your three??
What is going on your bucket list??
Share and find out what your friends put!!!
P.S Would anyone be interested in doing a guest feature about their blog?? If you would let me know!! Maybe we could do one on each other's??


  1. This is difficult to keep in to 3 but mine would probably be 1.) Raise a family 2.) Find my dream job and do it! (Sorry for the copy haha) and 3.) Smile and be happy!
    Penny Rose

  2. Hi Sazzly thank you for your lovely comment and for the follow following back =)great post by the way

  3. Nice idea, jeje I think i need make one bucket list, I have many things I want to do someday
    I follow you nuw girl, thanks for visit my blog


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