Monday, 22 July 2013

A quick review of... Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

The Framecake reckons this is a four star product because..

B+B Surf Spray from their website for £21.50
I have been after this stuff for ages, I mean AGES! It definitely gives your hair that matt surfer look that I love! It really works to give you this effect with just a couple of sprays!! It doesn't have a funny smell either which I hate!
Despite that, before I bought this product I didn't realise how small it actually was! 125ml- hardly anything!! 
I would also recommend that you don't use it on greasy looking hair because it sometimes makes it seem worse!!
So overall I love this product! I really do, I just think that although the quality is great it's just really small! Would probably treat myself again though!!! Buy it here!
It's just SO summery!


  1. I think I might treat myself x btw I have sent you the questions and the guest post :)

  2. Love Bumble and Bumble products but haven't tried the beach spray yet! Will have to now! Thanks for posting! :)


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