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Sunday, 4 August 2013

A quick review of... Le Soft Solid Perfume in Lucky Bay

framecake reckons this is a five star product because...

Solid Perfume Stick Lucky Bay
On sale for £19.00
I have heard whispers about this perfume for a while now but was a little reluctant to get it over the internet because (obviously) smelly computers haven't been invented yet!!
It's available in 10 different "flavours" including Lucky Bay which I finally decided to buy!!
So the actual product? It's exactly what it says it is, light and citrus smelling -perfect for your holidays, the beach or beach holidays! Because it is solid you can even take it on the plane with you! 
The packaging is completely lovely and bright and in general it is just a beautiful product! It is smooth on your skin and is really easy to apply anywhere on your body!
Such a bargain considering the quality!!!
I would definitely head back to  to try another from this lovely collection and would strongly recommend you do too!!!
P.S I am now on Instagram as of yesterday!! Follow me @framecakeofficial for pointless pictures of guinea pigs and shoes!! 

Monday, 15 April 2013

My Favourite Perfume

Perfumes!! It all depends on taste doesn't it??? I love anything fruity so if that's your type of thing then I would recommend you have a little whiff of this stuff!!!!!! There's three different "flavours" in the range type thing (can you tell I am not a perfume person) and they are all lovely!! Golden Delicious is my favourite one!!!!!!! So what's with the funky artwork?? Well, for a limited time only, DKNY have released the same beautiful perfumes with lovely designs on based on the designs by Keith Haring!! My bottle has nearly run out so I am dying to get hold of some more!! And some with the artwork too!! I'll die of happiness!!!!!!!!!! Get out and get buying!! £36 for 50 ml!! A good spend in my mind!