Monday, 15 April 2013

My Favourite Perfume

Perfumes!! It all depends on taste doesn't it??? I love anything fruity so if that's your type of thing then I would recommend you have a little whiff of this stuff!!!!!! There's three different "flavours" in the range type thing (can you tell I am not a perfume person) and they are all lovely!! Golden Delicious is my favourite one!!!!!!! So what's with the funky artwork?? Well, for a limited time only, DKNY have released the same beautiful perfumes with lovely designs on based on the designs by Keith Haring!! My bottle has nearly run out so I am dying to get hold of some more!! And some with the artwork too!! I'll die of happiness!!!!!!!!!! Get out and get buying!! £36 for 50 ml!! A good spend in my mind!


  1. I think it's about time for some new perfume (: the artwork is awesome too xxx

  2. Have a try of this and see what you think!! ;) I love it!

  3. hello dear, thank you for your visit, I'm following you now via gfc, so it's your turn now :)


  4. of course!! Following you!!!xx

  5. I usually enjoy diesel fragrances but this smells medicinal like Bengay mixed with Candy!

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